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Our Daily Operations

Open 09:30am ~ Close 20:30pm
​― 現在、新型コロナ感染症対策を講じながら営業しています。ー
We Annapurna has been pursuing just making delicious Indian cuisine since it was founded in 1996. We use only carefully selected ingredients with the motto of using natural materials.
  ★We are open 365 days, from 9:00am to 20:30pm★
― お電話からもご注文頂けだけます。☎ 084-952-5551 ―
 Most of our menus  are able to TO-GO. Our TO-GO is devised so that it can be eaten deliciously and cleanly at home. You can also order by phone. Please call during our business hours which from 9:00 am to 20:30pm.
Service hours : 09:30am ~ 11:00am
​― とっても魅力的なモーニングメニューは全6種 ー
Our morning menu is the best deal. We have several menus that are perfect for those who want to eat curry from the morning and those who want a breakfast-like menu.We offer 6 types of prices from 880 yen to 1760 yen.(Tax Incl.)
Service hours : 11:00am ~ 14:30pm
​― 大人気のランチは全8種★土日祝日大型連休はお休みです ー
Our lunch menu is very powerful. 8 types are available from 990 yen to 2,145 yen (Tax Incl.). You can see the menu on Instagram in advance, so please check the daily curry. You
can also see all our daily curries on our Instagram.
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